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?be True To Your School? For The Chance To Win Big With Macy?s $50,000 All-school Lip Dub Challenge - Yahoo Finance

Macys will also be rolling into college campuses nationwide to shuttle students to shopping parties at local Macys locations where they will browse the latest fashions and receive mini-manicures and makeovers. The back-to-school season is always a special time for families, and Macys loves being part of that excitement each year as our customers one-stop shopping destination, said Martine Reardon, Macys chief marketing officer. This year, were taking the fun up a notch with engaging new events, contests and promotions that include everything from the opportunity for schools to win big cash prizes for showing off their school spirit to shopping parties for college students at schools nationwide. Macys $50,000 All-School Lip Dub Challenge Does your school have what it takes to be the champions of Macys All-School Lip Dub Challenge? This fall, Macys is inviting the students, faculty and staff of elementary, middle, high schools and college to submit their one-take lip dub video,performed to singer/songwriter Tim Myers version of The Beach Boys classic song Be True to Your School. The winning entry will be awarded $25,000, followed by $15,000 for second place, with the third place winner taking home $10,000 for their school. A lip dub is a music video where the participants lip-sync to a song while performing a creative, choreographed routine filmed in a single, continuous take. No audio is recorded during the take and the song is added in editing. For the All-School Lip Dub Challenge, Macys is looking for Americas most talented lip dubbin school community that can create a video to wow the competition.
Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/true-school-chance-win-big-175400347.html

Fashion industry, retailers and the gender binary - Yahoo News

$125 and up to $150 for limited editions. The toll is not always financial. Laura Jane Grace, who fronts the punk band Against Me!, transitioned from male to female in dress onstage in 2012. At 6 foot 2, with a mostly black wardrobe worthy of a rocker, Grace recalls the days before she was "out" and on the hunt for women's clothes. "It was always kind of terrifying, going out and actually shopping for stuff," said Grace, who lived in small-town Florida before moving to Chicago.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/fashion-industry-retailers-gender-binary-164155317.html

Watch What Happens When These Men Wear Makeup for the First Time - Yahoo News

Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Watch What Happens When These Men Wear Makeup for the First Time By Nicole Pasulka | Takepart.com 11 minutes ago Content preferences Done Men! They are just so hairy and deep-voiced and unfamiliar with mascara. At least the men in this BuzzFeed video are until professional makeup artists liberally apply lipstick, foundation, and eyeshadow to half their faces. After submitting to the eyelash curler the guys learned how much effort it takes for some women to get ready in the morning.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/watch-happens-men-wear-makeup-first-time-211405727.html

Attend a Fashion Re-Invention - Laguna Beach Independent Newspaper, The "Indy" - Laguna Beach News

I cut open the lining of my purse and sewed the technology inside. It worked, and my friends and family liked the bag so much that they started asking to pay me to retrofit their bags for them. For about a year I worked on developing the tech and affordable prom dresses perfecting the installation. I held focus groups and consulted with a number of product development firms to learn how to build something so unique. September 2012: I launched Kickstarter and within six days the campaign hit its goal of $100,00 and reached $238,000 when the funding closed a month later. July 2013: Our first collection was a clutch purse one size in 14 different colors.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/deniserestauri/2014/07/30/fashion-meets-tech-this-20-something-is-reinventing-the-way-you-charge-your-phone/?ss=forbeswoman

Fashion Meets Tech: This 20-Something Is Reinventing The Way You Charge Your Phone - Forbes

Festival artists compete to create the most inspired couture usingreclaimed, reused or recycled material at 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 2 when the sixth annual Festival Runway Fashion Showreturns to the Festival of Arts. Competing for cash prizes of $1,000 in four categories are Festival exhibitorsLuciano Bortone, Antje Campbell, W. Bradley Elsberry,Richard A. Evans, Troels Larsen, Elizabeth McGhee, Adam Neeley, Mariana Nelson, Dan Skaggs, John Tolle,andKirstin Whalen. There will also be a Peoples Choice Award to be voted on at the event.
Source: http://www.lagunabeachindy.com/attend-fashion-re-invention/

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